·With Every Epidemic, Tough Choices 

Too quick: President Gerald R. Ford setting an example for the nation in 1976 with his shot for swine influenza. March 28, 2006 – By LAWRENCE K. ALTMAN, M.D. – Health  

·Flu Experts Soon to Rule On Need of New Vaccine; Flu Experts Soon …

Swine Influenza Virus Virus experts took a swab of the recruit s trachea to dis cover In stead the virus appeared to be that of swine influenza. March 21, 1976

Mexico May Isolate Patients With Deadly Swine Flu Strain

Related. Health Agencies Warily Monitor Swine Flu Strain (April 26, 2009) Influenza Get E-Mail Alerts · Next Article in World (5 of 31) » April 26, 2009 – By MARC LACEY and ELISABETH MALKIN – International / Americas

·COMMON COLD LAID TO 2 AGENTS UNITED; Vaccination Against Virus …

“It has been demonstrated that in swine influenza there exists a filterable virus which by itself produces only the mildest of diseases; if administered June 17, 1933


Swine influenza killed a 4-year-old Nevada girl in February, Federal epidemiologists said yesterday. But, in reporting the case, the investigators also said

·Legion asks 10000 for Disease Clues; LEGION TO ASSIST QUERY ON DEATHS

Today, Dr. Satz told a questioner that he had not injected . a known dose of swine influenza into the chick embryo egg as a control at the time he injected August 9, 1976

Fighting Deadly Flu, Mexico Shuts Schools

MEXICO CITY — Mexican officials, scrambling to control a swine flu outbreak that has killed as many as 61 people and infected possibly April 25, 2009 – By MARC LACEY and DONALD G. McNEIL Jr. – International / Americas

·SIGMA XI PRIZES MARK 50TH YEAR; Research Awards of $1000 Each Are …

Dr. Shope’s discovery that swine influenza is caused by two microorganisms, … Swine influenza occurs in the Middle Vest every Autumn and Winter. June 21, 1936

·Flu Plan Backed; Wider Drive Is Urged

President Ford called last week for the nationwide vaccination, following the discovery of an outbreak of swine influenza last month at Fort Dix, April 1, 1976

· Worrying About Every Cough at a Queens School

Related. Mexico Takes Powers to Isolate Cases of Swine Flu (April 26, 2009). Dot Earth: Contagion on a Small Planet (April Influenza Get E-Mail Alerts April 26, 2009 – By MANNY FERNANDEZ and ANN FARMER – New York Region

  • Swine Flu The latest developments in news, views and analysis, along with a map detailing the extent of the outbreak
  • Swine flu by country A look at the measures used by different countries all over the world to combat the threat of swine flu
  • Scots firm to test swine vaccine Last updated: 1 hour ago A Dunbartonshire based company may be ask test a new swine flu vaccine being developed to prevent any pandemic.
  •  Swine flu woman ‘recovering well’ . Last updated: 29 Apr 2009 The emphasis at the moment is on treating any patients with suspected swine flu. Two cases of swine flu have previously been confirmed in Scotland.
  • US reports first swine flu death . Last updated: 29 Apr 2009 And Spain says it has confirmed the first case of swine flu in a person who has not travelled to Mexico.
  • News – London – Londoner is treated for swine flu . Last updated: 29 Apr 2009 A man in London has contracted swine flu after a recent trip to Mexico, Prime Minister Gordon Brown confirms.. Swine flu is a respiratory disease, caused by influenza type A, which infects pigs.
  • News – Wales – Wales swine flu inquiry into 20 . Last updated: 29 Apr 2009 Twenty people in Wales are under investigation in connection with swine flu, but there no confirmed cases in the country..
  • CBBC Newsround – Girl, 12, has swine flu in the UK A 12-year-old girl who’s just come back from Mexico has got swine flu.. World Last Updated: Wednesday April 29 2009 15:39 GMT Girl, 12, has swine flu in the UK Please turn on JavaScript.…/8024020.stm
  • CBBC Newsround – Swine flu tips delivered to homes World Last Updated: Wednesday April 29 2009 13:33 GMT Swine flu tips delivered to homes Every home in the UK is to get advice on what to do about swine flu delivered through its letterboxes.…/8025069.stm
  • Newsbeat – Health – Swine flu halts Brit Cancun party Holidaymakers in the Mexican party capital of Cancun are deciding whether to head home early as the country attempts to contain swine flu.. In Cancun, there are hardly any signs of swine flu.

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